Call Me When Hello Means Something


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letzgetzesty a really well put together emo/pop punk EP - lyrically and musically solid Favorite track: You've Grown Up I've Grown Old.
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HS HARMSE This is what punk/alt rock is all about. Favorite track: Bleed Out.
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love you guizzee :* :* :*


released January 14, 2015

Recorded by Daniel Colombo at Iceman Studios
Fall 2014



all rights reserved


TEXAS RANGER Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Track Name: You've Grown Up I've Grown Old
I'm always starting shit over nothing, why do I always end up leaving my favorite things behind
these panhandle streets aren't as forgiving as they seem
they always make a point to remind me
of everything that i fucked up this summer like Caitlin and the year we fell in love
maybe this seatbelt will save me
or maybe the bricks will encase me
i only write sad songs when I'm happy that you're gone
but I'm caving in to the cave I'm in…
under sweaters from every winter…. hiding scars from every summer
im trying my best to move on
friday night on coreys couch I'm halfway home from a halfway house
so much to think about I'm all on my own am i on my own
and we say
back and forth ill always miss you
one excuse to jump back into
better days when we were younger
i miss our talks back when i was in summer
school… you were living with you father
i wish that i was a little bit stronger than…..
all the petty things i did
I've been living just a little too light
Spilling out all my inside
(The time we spent it all seems worthless
I'd bet a dime on every moment
That you bled me dry I hope you choke and die
Let's drink to history)
Track Name: Bleed Out
disregard the shots at hearts and how im lonely
i see, all the confidence in men, fall around me
short changed, begging for a life aside from boredom
it hurts
but its better than love
bleed out, my heart is in your hands believing
you'll treat, it better than the other teachings
its blackening reaching out, beating with heaves
this lifeless thing needs a cavity to sleep
my chest is drowning, this sinking feeling
was he worth the time you spent alone,
my veins are leaking
im pouring bleeding
and i feel so exposed
there was never so much blood… there was never so much blood
these walls are like crutches while im barely standing
inebriation vision when im binging
shes looking better, drowning in this bottle
this lifeless thing, needs a cavity to sleep
my veins are leaking
there was never so much blood 2x
will the floor seep up
all the red thats pumping
spilling staining rusts
knowledge that know nothing
hardened all alone
im surviving in this
bedroom i call home
im dying dreaming senseless
Track Name: Call Me When Hello Means Something
You really got to stop calling me
just to remind me you're alive
I know you're happy
I gave my best now there's nothing left for me

I don't really know myself
all that well, thanks for asking
I'm thinking what do you love more than yourself
its hard to tell when your heart is missing

Bring it back now
I've been around this town
Never played the game
all that well

I'm getting whiplash from the way you run around
I wish that we could start over

Don't get me wrong I don't want to grow up
I've been feeling so alone
(for the last 7 months)

Don't let me go, I don't wanna give up
You know can't count on me, cuz I'm never enough

I don't want
to be another tragedy
I wish that you would call me when
Hello means something
I don't need
to be sweating you
I swezt enough from the hell
that you put me through

Here we go again
another open end
it's not an end at all
there's gotta be something

More to the road we're on
dead ends are all your fault
we could have had it all, we could have had it

The new year came and went
I was alone again
you never called at all
there's gotta be something
wrong with the phone you're on

You get lost around all your empty friends
Don't come back to me
I'm not your open end
Track Name: Golden Boy
I'm not real anymore

Keep sowing seeds in the company you keep
all that you'll grow are the weeds in the road
spare me your problems you know
We're not what we, what we're claiming to be

And it seems that finally my fake friends
have caught on to my fake trends
that I'm an asshole
and I never really care

About the changing seasons
or how you act out all the scenes
like you're the fucking queen
and I'm the king of nothing
Won't let you get the best of me

I'm showing demons that I don't believe in anymore
My faces blend together like this south florida weather
And i can be your golden boy even though the world looks down on me
I'll meet my grave
with fading ink on wrinkled skin

I was born to die in a city by the sea
Panhandle streets won't save me now

And it seems that finally my fake friends
have caught on to my fake trends
that I'm an asshole
and I never really care

It's nopt like I gave you everything
and iI was always there
I'm just the king of nothing
and I never fucking care
Track Name: Down South
i know your tricks i know those foolish games you play
with my head, when i'm down im almost dead
six feet underneath your feet
in your arms i believe

i wouldnt fall for anything
just tell i believe

i will sing and i will write you songs
you dont deserve about
the rights and none of the wrongs
i will force you to facer me
on the way down
south, south, south

it could have been really good
i never made the mistakes
it took over your mind
you hung me up on the line

to dry out my bones
how would you ever know

my skeleton's locked in your closet
buried under all the bones
from the prey you left before
i guess i'll never be alone

I can't see past the fog of your breath
in the cold i still sweat and its fucking freezing
and as we drive all night through these broken cities
the taillights fade like childhood memories

you got me believing
you're the only one that keeps me up tonight

you can't go
no leaving
you're the first thing on my mind
i'm sure you'll be fine