Sidekick Story




After extended time off and several lineup changes, we came together for our Junior EP release. 2015-2016 was a strange time full of change and confusion and realization. We are glad it's coming to a close while we look forward to the future. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you for continuing to support us and care about our music. When it comes down to it we are just sharing our lives with you hoping you feel comfort in connection to the message.

If there is anything I've learned its that you get what you accept. If you settle for shit you get shit. Value yourself and cut off those that don't value you. Things will get better. I promise.

Peace, Love and Happiness


released December 21, 2016

Augie Guitar, Lyrics, Vocals
Ben-Lyrics, Vocals



all rights reserved


TEXAS RANGER Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Track Name: Opening Statement:
don't you dare believe
anything you hear
there's always someone around to turn you around
when there's nothing but blank stares here

and i can't believe we had it so easy
for so long, i thought i'd let you in
you deserved a chance to catch your second wind

i can't find closure now
heard that you moved somewhere far
but you can't hear me shout
i though i was up to speed
i'm sorry the problems me

took the time to get up in your face
take another look i'm not an open and shut case
took the time to get up in your face
take another look i'm not an open and shut case now

take the time and you can let it go
your bruises aren't as bold
or as in fashion as you want

took the time to get up in your face
take another look i'm not an open and shut case
took the time to get up in your face
take another look i'm not an open and shut case now
Track Name: Miller Lite Jams
i fucked with all my friends this year but who can say what led me here
they don't make maps to find your greatest fears
this marks the spot of my worst goddamn year
i missed connections with best intentions
and i just resent it all

i left some love on your shirt in the washer
cuz it's the only kind of love that you offer
i'm sporting white flags but that doesn't stop her
a broken heart is all i have to offer

the story this year has been
so damn weird
oh well, i earned it, i burned it down
mistakes were made but who can say
what led me here

i should have known
you never laughed at my jokes when we were alone
you didn't have to remind, i know i'm not funny
but i'll be the butt of all your jokes

just let me be myself without
looking over my shoulder, you tear me down
walk a mile in my shoes, they're brand new
but they won't fit you
forget the shit that we've been through

you dragged my name all over town
my judgments mute, it's lacking sound
why do i still want you around
oh well, i've earned it, i've burned it down

they say your name all over town
i heard you get around, i heard you've been around
you throw your matches on the ground
oh well, you've earned it, you burnt yourself down
Track Name: You, Me and Swayze
i never understood the science of sleep
or how the world wakes up all around me
i always tried to be a part of
your silver lining

i don't wanna be your side dish
leftovers in the back of the fridge
and you'll forget how we met when you stick your head inside my window

you were supposed to be the happy song
i hadn't written in a while
written in a while, baby
and i hope you see me in your dreams

cuz i'm done, done, done
chasing ghosts
i've fallen for one
i gotta stop holding on to these apparitions

i'm on the brighter side of goodbye
you're a fracture in the night sky

you can run
try your best
maybe western winds can bring back what you missed
and you know i want you out of this
salvage the structure and build a nest

you'll be the one singing
you'll be the one singing please stop haunting me

please stop haunting me
and you know that i know that i want you
you know that i know that i lost you
please stop haunting me
you'll go on on your way where you want to
and you know that i'll go on without you

it's like your something i can't hold
like time honored songs on the radio
i used to sing to you through the walls
in this apartment made of cards

i fell in love with an apparition
you know i'll miss em
Track Name: B-side
would you say that i took it too far this time
knowing that you'll be on the bside for
the rest of your life

would you say that i fell out of grace again
i know you would cuz you had face to save
it's not my fault today

i'll be your scapegoat another day
blame the weather on the shit i always say
i hope it rains forever
i hope you drown forever

and it haunts me to think of the mess that you've
made of me
but i'll remember that

you lost your mind, i found it
you should have taken chances when you fucking had them
now we're running on solid ground
and you'll be this years
girl on a bside
i'll get on with my life
and forget you

now i'm moving across the country
just to get some distance between you and me
now i'm chasing these fleeting feelings
just to put some closure on you and me

would you say that i took it too far this time
you're my least favorite, you'll be on the bside forever
would you say that i took it too far this time
you're a waste of this line, you'll be on the bside forever

now i'm moving across the country
just to get some distance between you and me

i lost my footing fitting you in
now i can't stand you under my skin
Track Name: Hoodie
i guess your forgetting
the way that it was always supposed to be
just you and me in your hoodie
watching movies
you could see right through me

i guess that you're letting
your head lead your heart in the dark away from me
just you forgetting
the way that i wanted us to be

and i guess that you forget where we met back when you knew me
could've seen right through me
remember the times that i made you sweat
and you left me for dead

so let's go steady into the storm
and watch me warm
up to our greatest mistakes
go back to what you know now
and i wish that we could have found
common ground to land on now
but you don't do second times around
i guess that you never fucked up everything that you care about

do you lie awake at night?
do you regret leaving?
there's an empty canvas on my ceiling
and without you there's no meaning in this song
we chose the wrong words all along
and i'm seeing them fall down
we always fall when you're around

we always fall when it counts
(we always fall, we always fall)
we always fall when you're around, when you're around