Miller Lite Jams


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i fucked with all my friends this year but who can say what led me here
they don't make maps to find your greatest fears
this marks the spot of my worst goddamn year
i missed connections with best intentions
and i just resent it all

i left some love on your shirt in the washer
cuz it's the only kind of love that you offer
i'm sporting white flags but that doesn't stop her
a broken heart is all i have to offer

the story this year has been
so damn weird
oh well, i earned it, i burned it down
mistakes were made but who can say
what led me here

i should have known
you never laughed at my jokes when we were alone
you didn't have to remind, i know i'm not funny
but i'll be the butt of all your jokes

just let me be myself without
looking over my shoulder, you tear me down
walk a mile in my shoes, they're brand new
but they won't fit you
forget the shit that we've been through

you dragged my name all over town
my judgments mute, it's lacking sound
why do i still want you around
oh well, i've earned it, i've burned it down

they say your name all over town
i heard you get around, i heard you've been around
you throw your matches on the ground
oh well, you've earned it, you burnt yourself down


from Sidekick Story, released December 21, 2016



all rights reserved


TEXAS RANGER Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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