You, Me and Swayze


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i never understood the science of sleep
or how the world wakes up all around me
i always tried to be a part of
your silver lining

i don't wanna be your side dish
leftovers in the back of the fridge
and you'll forget how we met when you stick your head inside my window

you were supposed to be the happy song
i hadn't written in a while
written in a while, baby
and i hope you see me in your dreams

cuz i'm done, done, done
chasing ghosts
i've fallen for one
i gotta stop holding on to these apparitions

i'm on the brighter side of goodbye
you're a fracture in the night sky

you can run
try your best
maybe western winds can bring back what you missed
and you know i want you out of this
salvage the structure and build a nest

you'll be the one singing
you'll be the one singing please stop haunting me

please stop haunting me
and you know that i know that i want you
you know that i know that i lost you
please stop haunting me
you'll go on on your way where you want to
and you know that i'll go on without you

it's like your something i can't hold
like time honored songs on the radio
i used to sing to you through the walls
in this apartment made of cards

i fell in love with an apparition
you know i'll miss em


from Sidekick Story, released December 21, 2016



all rights reserved


TEXAS RANGER Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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